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Are sick and tired of being sick and tired?  
Are you worried about conditions such as heart disease, high blood pressure, high cholesterol and type 2 diabetes? 
Have you tried every diet under the sun only just to put the weight back on again?
Do you want to be a happier and healthier version of yourself?
Do you want to have an abudance of energy and feel great? 
Well I've got a program, not a diet, that will provide the solutions to all of these problems and possibly more!  A weight loss and wellness program using real food that delivers sustainable results and educates you about wellness.

Hi, my name is Dale Ringin and I'm the head weight loss coach at PFC Active Weight Loss Solutions.  My clients love the results they get on the HealthPointe program and I'm proud to be able to personally coach them to reaching their goal weight along with educating about how to maintain it for life.  But it's not just about the weight loss, the wellness element of this program touches people to their core and literally changes their lives!  But don't just take my word for it, here's what some of my clients say about the program, let their words inspire you! 



Watch Vanessa's video below to find out about her results.

"After procrastinating for a while I finally took the step and joined in on a Peak Fitness 6 week challenge. After day one it appeared that a quiet retreat maybe my best and less embarrassing option however I clearly heard the words of Dale running through my head.” If your committed (100% is the only way to be committed) and follow the plan you will get results! “.  I cannot deny how right he is and small steps have led to developing the confidence to stay focussed, well most of the time as nobody’s perfect, and to push myself in training to do things that I did not think possible just a few days, weeks or months ago. It is up to the individual to make the decision to really want the benefits in health and wellbeing and not let anything stop them from getting there. The experience and knowledge from Dale provides the support to ensure that you celebrate your successes, don’t dwell on the missed opportunities and get the push along when you are slacking off. Numbers wise it has meant dropping around 42kg at this stage (and planning on going further than I thought would be possible), going from a size 6X (Big guys) clothing  to a size 14 women’s (most if not all parts!) and being annoyingly energetic at home and at work. I strongly recommend the program and thank Dale and his Peak Fitness mob (trainers and clients) for allowing me the opportunity to be a part of this wonderful team. Anyone out there contemplating doing something to change your life and wellbeing, act now! The past is over and you can make a new brighter, healthier future by taking the plunge as I did with Peak Fitness Challenge".  Jenny Picone



Here's what you get with HealthPointe:

  • Eat real food, no gimmicks! No soups or meal replacement drinks needed
  • Develop a great relationship with food
  • No strenuous exercise required, you can walk your way to good health
  • Certifiede organic supplementation to get your cells functioning at an optimal level
  • Personalised coaching and accountability for the program
  • It's not a diet, 90% of dieters go back to their old ways, HealthPointe is designed to develop new habits
  • Never be hungry, you are encouraged to snack
  • Get safe and rapid results in just 6 weeks
  • Learn how to maintain your weight for life
  • Medical backing with over 38 years of refinement


So what does it cost to get all these great benefits?
The complete HealthPointe Weight Loss & Wellness Program is a 6-24 week package in which I cover everything you need to know in order to get the best weight loss and wellness results possible.  This means I spend time working perosnally with my clients on the nutrition component, supplementation education and exercise knowledge and it’s all these elements combined that get serious results.  I also have clients that do one on one private training, group fitness sessions and even take home packs whilst on HealthPointe.  But all the programs are at least a 6 week initial commitment. The investment starts from $55-$95 per week depending on which option you choose and what’s best for you.
Website only offer:
Free Health Consult, Nutrition Assessment & Goal Setting consult (value $100)
Free "Energy Pack" full of products to kick start your metabolism and get you burning fat (value $35)
Total value $135 for FREE just by completing the form below
BUT HURRY as this offer runs out at the end of the month

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